Stats: Str-10 Dex-16 Int-8 Wis-18 Cha-8



Weapons: Unarmed Strike, Darts (20)

Saving throws: Fort +3 Ref +5 Will +6

Skills:(all trained to rank 4) Heal Listen Sense Motive Spot


Aradys Beard spent the first twenty years of his life in the Monastery of Lord Pelor in Spararcis learning the way of the Sun God. When the time came to make the vow to devote his entire life as a monk, he felt conflicted. He did want to serve his God but he did not want to be kept in the same building for the rest of his life. He finally made a decision and fell away from the strict life and decided to wander the country using his skills as a healer. Even though he promised his abbot that he would still keep all of the vows he mad when he was a child, the Monastery excommunicated him for heretical behavior and tried to kill him. Barely escaping with his life, his holy book, and the clothes on his back, he changed his name to Defiance and has spent the last year and a half traveling Arcene visiting all the many cities, trying to make a living for himself. If it weren’t for the summons he received to serve as the personal bodyguard to the mayor of Brititul during the Dragon Tear festival, he would be halfway to Mirennor in Ebesor. Defiance reluctantly acquiesced to the mayor’s request and set off for Brititul. Thoughts such as “Why would he need a bodyguard?” and “It’s only a simple festival, it shouldn’t be that bad,” plague his mind as he passes through the city gate and marches towards the mayor’s mansion.


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