Cypridis is a land of magery taken to the top. Here, numerous magical laboratories float in the lake that is the center of the region, and villages of wizards and sorcerers dot the land.

The government here is a magocracy, with the leader elected by popular vote among the mage class. The current leader of the country is Archmage Fai. A strict caste system is in place here – Mages sit at the top, controlling the country with a fist of force. Below that is the amateurs – citizens with little magical skill, but still able to make use of it. Artisans and such follow, and commoners are below them. Finally, there is the thrall class. Enchanted creatures, summoned creatures, constructs – all of the above and more fall into this class.

Superstition reigns in Cypridis. Where magic is real and takes shape, many odd superstitions have come into being. These include: Twins bring misfortunes, Never dine with a neighbor, and buy objects in singles or multiples of two. The origins of many of these have been lost to time.

Lake Arnol is the lake around which the region is based. The lake’s depths are largely unknown, and divination spells don’t yield much information, almost as if there is something blocking them. The capital is situated on the lake itself, canals making up much of the streets.


25% human, 15% elf, 10% half elf, 10% catfolk, 40% other, including fey and changelings.


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