Ebesor is a great country ruled by the law of the jungle and the law of the desert. Great trees grow to ever taller heights while many predators roam the forest floor.

Ebesor is split into two distinct areas – not by region, but by height. The base of the forest is surprisingly barren – nothing grows here, as all of the sunlight is blocked by the canopy overhead. A number of desert creatures make their living here, looking for prey in the empty wastes. A number of ladders, stairways, and pulley-run elevators carry people to the canopy, where the elves of the region make their home.

In the canopy, large leaves are underfoot, providing surprisingly good support. However, since the leaves tend to sway in the wind, the villages are relegated to the branches. Here, tough bark provides solid footing, and houses seem to almost grow from the trees. The farther up you go, the smaller the leaves get, until you get to the very tops of the trees. From here, it is possible to see extremely far, even to the edges of Arcene. Even the waste is visible from here, however, the sun is strong.

Trees rarely die or fall in Ebesor. When they do, it is a tremendous event, as the mile-wide trunks slowly creak before finally breaking. Typically, however, the tree only falls partway and reheals itself, held up by the other foliage. A tree fully falling is a momentous event, and only happens once every century or so.


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