Judonis is a land of desert. Here, harsh winds blow over the sand dunes, shifting the environment as they pass over. Sandstorms and harsh weather are common, leading many to avoid this region. Among those that are hardened to its hazards, though, Judonis is a land of hidden wealth and treasure.

In the Age of Dragons, Judonis was the main living place of the dragons. However, the hunting of the dragons resulted in the land being razed to the ground, eventually desertifying into the land as it is known today. However, the remains of many of their lairs remain, buried under years of sand. Sometimes, though, the wind will blow just right, revealing a dragon’s lair and a cache of treasure.

Today, Judonis’ environment changes daily. Only a few cities have managed to become permanent, and even those largely consist of tents, ever-moving under the changing lands. Travelers from all over Arcene gather here to visit Judonis’ wealth of Bazaars and Markets. Here, it is said, you can find any object, albeit at a price.

Government in Judonis is mainly run by a group of aforementioned merchants. Government here is very liberal – lawmaking and enforcing those laws are more difficult than it is to simply ignore most transgressions. Not to mention, many of the ruling merchants have deep pockets – they are nearly always willing to accept a bribe, and nearly always willing to pay to forward one of their plots. Some of the more notable merchants are Thariz of the Iron, Nest Lea the Pleasuremaker and Dragizz.


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