Sparacis is a land of religion, order, and knowledge. The land itself almost seems to conform to those who live there, and it is not an uncommon occurrence to see a traveling pilgrim on the road. Here, there are shrines to nearly every god imaginable dotting the road.

Sparacis is a theocracy led mainly by a group of monks called the Order of Shaln. This brotherhood has ruled Sparacis since the time of The Pact, and still does to this day. In lesser towns, other religions may hold sway, but the Order still holds an amount of control. The Order itself is not committed to one god, nor solely monks. Clerics and Paladins also hold sway there, but Monks make up the large majority.

Ancient Magics wrought by the Cleric-Monks of bygone ages still hold sway in Sparacis. The land literally conforms to the beliefs of those near it. The effect is seen in it’s most extreme form near the various towns in Sparacis – towns devoted to Pelor, such as Helvetas, seem to have the sun shine more brightly on them. The various shrines in Sparacis show the effect in a more subdued manner – Trees tend to grow larger near shrines to Ethlonna and Obad-Hai, for example.

Sparacis also serves as the center of Knowledge in Arcene. The Order of Shaln was charged in The Pact to hold knowledge, mainly since it had already been a large part of the brotherhood. The capital of Sparacis, by the same name, holds a library that serves as a repository for all information in Arcene. It is rumored that this library holds knowledge even relating to the creation of the world.


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